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Planes 51 to 100: Foamflyer's Project History
51 PB&G Mar-2000

PB&G (Piggy-Back and Glide) was a purpose built glider to ride atop a larger powered mothership. The mothership was never built. Some early attempts at slope soaring were made with this plane, none very successful.

52 Barracuda Apr-2000

This plane was foam but with some light plywood for strength. Used a Great Planes Goldfire 550 motor on 7 NiCd cells. A superb flyer (control-wise it flew like it was "on rails"), but very underpowered.

53 Monobipe May-2000

Monobipe was a planned "convertible" plane that could easily transform between monoplane and biplane. It was all balsa powered by a .25 glow engine. The wing was simply a thick flat sheet of balsa set at a positive incidence. The plane flew so poorly as a monoplane that I didn't bother building the top wing.

54 Square One May-2000

If a flying saucer flew so well, why not a flying square? Well, it flew like crap. It was a foam square with a symmetrical airfoil and elevons. Maybe it would have flown better as a flat plate.

55 Digressor Jul-2000

This was an original small built-up balsa plane, very simple and quick to build. I was so confident that it would fly well that I made templates of all the parts for more planes. Digressor was the first in a series of "clone" planes that would be very simple quick-builds. This plane flew really well.

56 Desert Echo Jul-2000

This was an original design to further experiment with a low-wing with no ailerons, like a larger version of the "Bee-tween". Controls were throttle, elevator, and rudder. The wing had a generous dihedral for added stability. The plane flew well but would not roll.

57 Fourth Try Aug-2000

My first successful electric airplane, it was also my fourth electric plane (it took four planes by trial and error to finally get it right). Powered by a Speed 400 on 7 NiCd cells, this plane flew excellent. It made skidding touch-n-go's really well. At this point I felt I had discovered electrics and liked what I saw.

58 So.2 Nov-2000

An experiment with a swept flying wing built-up out of balsa. It flew poorly.

59 Eagle 2 Dec-2000

My second "dime-store glider" conversion. Flew well but was underpowered.

60 Flying Saucer 2 Dec-2000

An attempt at an electric flying saucer, and my first use of a larger prop with gearbox. I was not pleased with its performance, it would barely fly.

61 Voltera Feb-2001

A small built-up balsa plane with a Speed 400. Flew marginally.

62 So.3 Mar-2001

Another electric foam delta flying wing. It flew poorly.

63 Gitan 4 May-2001

Fourth in the "Get In The Air Now" series, this was the re-covered wing from the Goldberg Gentle Lady sailplane with a new fuselage. Powered by a .25 glow engine, this plane flew exceptionally well. The engine was able to pull it up at 60-degree climb angles, then it could level out and glide great. Landings were the smoothest you'd ever see.

64 Lean Enterprise May-2001

An original design to make use of lots of balsa scraps, this twin-fin plane flew great. With this plane I learned how to make high angle of attack landings, just rolling the dual tail wheels. It's low-speed handling was amazing.

65 Stingray Jul-2001

My third Stingray, but scaled down to a 48" wingspan. Flew really bad, was never able to figure out why.

66 Grasshopper Aug-2001

Second in the "Digressor Clone" series, this plane was made to resemble a World War 2 observation plane. Flew excellent.

67 Flying Saucer 3 Aug-2001

My third flying saucer, this time with a .25 glow engine. The fin was located on the bottom of the wing instead of the top. Flew really bad, nothing like previous flying saucers.

68 So.4 Aug-2001

Constructed of foam, this was a design where the motor was mounted around the middle of the plane (pushing) with a fuselage boom back to the tail. Flew poorly.

69 So.5 Sep-2001

My first twin-boom foam electric pusher. Extremely good flier. A design that would be used many more times to come.

70 Dragon Oct-2001

A built-up balsa plane to experiment with a diamond-shaped airfoil. Flew good.

71 Super Pronto Oct-2001

From the Tidewater kit, this plane flew good. I made a machine gun for the rear cockpit.

72 Airnomaly Nov-2001

An original tailless design, flew really bad.

73 So.7 Dec-2001

An early "So" design from EPS foam. Speed 400 for power. Excellent flyer.

74 Migish Dec-2001

Made to resemble a Mig with a Speed 400 on the back. Did not fly well.

75 So.8 Dec-2001

Excellent flying plane. Speed 400 for power.

76 Standard Deviation Mar-2002

An original design in balsa, flew good with a .25 glow engine.

77 So.9 Apr-2002

A small twin-boom foamie. Flew well. Only 157 square inches of wing area.

78 Perestroika May-2002

An attempt at a jet-like appearance with a .46 glow engine. Very fast plane, flew good. Fuselage, tail booms, and tail surfaces were balsa, wing was foam.

79 Convector Jun-2002

Another plane similar to the "Dirty Dog" with a bent sheet balsa wing (Saratov airfoil). Flew very similar to the Dirty Dog.

80 Bristol Jul-2002

My last glow plane! This impressive twin .25-powered plane was paper-covered foam. It had a functional cargo ramp in the back that could drop parachutes. My third twin.

81 So.10 Jul-2002

A large twin-boom foamie, powered by a Great Planes Goldfire with gearbox.

82 So.6 Aug-2002

A more conventionally-looking foamie with fully-symmetrical wing. Construction was paused as I lost interest in it, that's why it's out of sequence.

83 So.11 Sep-2002

A great-flying plane made of EPS foam and acrylic craft paint.

84 So.12 Nov-2002

Another great-flying plane. This one had an incredible slow glide with power off.

85 Punk Nov-2002

An unpowered glider for slope soaring. Was too draggy to do well, but maneuvered very well in light wind.Featured a wing fully encapsulated in clear packing tape for strength, worked well.

86 Li'l Hottie Jan-2003

A really small plane with balsa tailbooms. Had to fly so fast that a catapult launcher would be needed, but didn't realize this until after a few hand-launches that tore up the plane. Only 132 square inches of wing area.

87 So.13 Jan-2003

Another twin-boom foamie pusher, this one painted by my youngest Son. Had a carbon tube spar that ran about 3/4 of the span. Excellent flyer.

88 Nonconformance Jan-2003

A plane with a functional canard, it flew just OK (not too good actually).

89 B-2 Bomber Feb-2003

A delta flying wing made to resemble a B-2. Was all EPS foam fully encapsulated with clear packing tape, then spraypainted flat black. Was going to use clear plastic fins, but no suitable plastic was found so Coroplast was used. Plane slope soared very well. EPS foam is fairly durable when taped, but not quite as durable as EPP foam. Had 744 square inches of wing area for a wing loading of 5.0 ounces per square foot.

90 Shark Feb-2003

Another twin boom pusher foamie, this one could drop bombs attached to the bottom of each side of the wing.

91 So.14 Feb-2003

I always wondered about a plane with a stabilizer that equalled the wing span, connected at the wing tips. So here it is! Considered one of my uglier designs by friends and family, it flew quite well but would not roll. Incredible glide ratio.

92 So.15 Mar-2003

A Zagi-style flying wing with a fuselage pod. The wing was EPS foam, encapsulated in packing tape, then spraypainted silver. Fins were also EPS foam, and the transition was carved into a cool-looking curve. Had Coroplast elevons.

93 Spectrum Apr-2003

Another experiment, this one flew poorly.

94 Vector Apr-2003

Constructed from EPS foam with fan fold foam elevons, this plane flew really well with it's Speed 400 pusher. Landings had to be made hot since it would not glide well with power off.

95 Dynasoar May-2003

A twin-boom foamie pusher with a high-mounted tail, this plane experimented with an aluminum window screen frame as a spar, resulting in a little too much weight of 26.9 ounces on a Speed 400. Flew good though, just really underpowered.

96 A-10E Jun-2003

Another attempt at an A-10 Warthog. This one was EPS foam with fan fold foam tail surfaces. The nacelles were also EPS foam. Latex paint was used which added a lot of weight. This plane flew marginally, but looked great in the air.

97 Midas Jul-2003

Another Zagi-style flying wing. Flew OK. Fan fold foam fins and Coroplast elevons.

98 So.16 Aug-2003

Another twin-boom foamie pusher, this time with swept wings. All EPS foam with a packing tape encapsulated wing. Somehow during construction the wing became warped which could not be corrected, as a result the plane flew poorly.

99 Amphibienflugzeug Aug-2003

My first electric twin, using a pair of 6v Speed 400 motors on one battery pack. All EPS foam except tail surfaces were fan fold foam. Painted with latex paint. Despite each motor "seeing" only half the voltage of the pack, there were two motors so the plane flew as well as if it had had one motor. Sounded great while flying.

100 Digressor 2 Sep-2003

For my 100th plane I decided to return to something traditional, but being a direct-drive puller the plane didn't fly all that great. A gearbox (something like what GWS offers) would probably have been more appropriate.

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