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About Starship Mojave

The idea of Staship Mojave hit me on July fourth, 2007. I was at a friend's barbeque sitting by the pool, thinking of how much I enjoyed Starship Farragut, Starship Exeter, and Phase 2 / New Voyages (and now Star Trek Continues!). I wasn't looking for any new projects, but I remembered how I made 8-millimeter scifi films in high school (which weren't very good).

So I thought, "Why not?"

Now, many years after high school I have the resources and the technology to develop a project like this and make films like I wanted to. Although time may be a factor (I had just returned to university), I felt bitten by a bug. Story ideas, starship designs, and special effects were now on my mind (by the way, I graduated with honors).

So I began collecting resources and started writing down some ideas. It wouldn't be anything big, just a friends and family sort of project, done in the old-school ways of photography with miniatures (I know very little CGI). What great fortune to have returned to university and making new friends to participate!

I figured a few months for preproduction, about one year for production, and perhaps another few months for postproduction work.

Note: The original live episode had actual sets - very few green screens used!

Today, Starship Mojave Animated is produced with a combination of old-school and digital processes. When images are produced, some are drawn by hand on paper with a technical pen and scanned. Other images are produced digitally.