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Starship Mojave is a Star Trek fan film that describes the adventures of the USS Mojave, a Kremlin-Class Federation starship. The Mojave, under the command of Captain Tom Morgan, is to explore uncharted space, seek out new life and new civilizations, and expand the boundaries of Federation space. However, there are many obstacles present! In future episodes expect to see Klingons, Romulans, and species never before seen.

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Introducing the U.S.S. Mojave

Most people are familiar with the U.S.S. Enterprise, the famous Constitution–class starship. The U.S.S. Mojave is a Kremlin-class starship.

From Ex-Astris Scientia:

The Kremlin class was a surveyor, designed to provide sufficient room for equipment as well as crew quarters for long-term missions in uncharted space. The saucer hull was adopted from the Asia class in order to keep the development time short. Several modifications were necessary, however. The aft third of the saucer was converted to an engineering section with fuel storage, while a shuttlebay was attached to the saucer bottom. Advanced materials allowed to employ much smaller warp coils than those of the over 20 years old Asia class, while their number remained the same. The performance of the sensors of the Kremlin class, especially of those for the detection of lifeforms and space anomalies, was excellent. The armament, on the other hand, turned out insufficient when unexpected enemies such as the Romulans and the Tholians threatened the Federation border regions in the 2260s. Four of the sixteen Kremlin-class ships were lost during this era. The new situation required the presence of heavily armed starships like the Constitution class, and all smaller and more vulnerable vessels were gradually withdrawn to safer regions. Finally, in the 2280s, it became clear that refitting the outdated Kremlin class with new warp engines and new sensor systems was not worthwhile, and the remaining six ships were decommissioned.

Some notable differences about the USS Mojave compared to a Constitution-class starship:


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