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The New USS Mojave Model

The design of the USS Mojave is based on a variant of the Kremlin-class surveyor starship designed by Bernd Schnieder at Ex-Astris-Scientia. My first model of the Mojave was a USS Enterprise from Diamond Select, which was modified into the Mojave. After some test shots, I discovered that this small model would not be sufficient, so I set out to construct a new model.

Since I had experience making RC airplanes out of foam and had some good tools (like a hot-wire cutter), I decided to make use of this lightweight versatile material for the model.

Here are the main parts on 10 August. The warp engines will be cut from the rectangular blocks. Oddly, the main saucer section looks like a toilet seat.

09 September. Details being added, and the saucer getting puttied and sanded.

28 September. Bottom of the saucer taking shape, some electronics installed.

28 September. Top of saucer, bridge module cutout made.

11 October. Almost done!